Krile for Windows Phone has gone.

Thank you very much for your continuous support.

Environment of Twitter, Windows Phone, and Windows are changing drastically.

Krile for Windows Phone is designed for Windows Phone OS 7.5(Mango). In those days Windows Phone platform is very strict and phones were very uniformed.

Today, Windows Phone has diversity in sensors, screen sizes, screen resolutions, etc... but Krile could not follow-up their difference no longer.

Krile for Windows Phone accomplished her mission.

In launch of Windows Phone in Japan, very few applications were available.

Twitter client is one of very required application of Japanese users, but very few choices of the twitter client were available at that time. So, Krile was developed focused on Japanese users of Windows-Phone and Twitter.

Now, official Twitter application and many third-party applications are available in Windows Phone, alike of other smartphone OS.

Our future is bright!

Windows 10 is coming for PC and phones, and more Windows 10 Phones are being planned. More and more applications may be available in launch of Windows 10.

May Windows platform endure for ever!

Thank you for using our apps. We hope to see you at some other place.

Karno, the developer of Krile series